Transformers: The Last Knight Just Released Its First Awesome Image, Check It Out

The next Transformers movie is on its way, and if there's one thing we can be confident that we'll be getting, it's one big spectacle of a film. The first concept art from Transformers: The Last Knight is now online, and it just as big and bold as we'd expect. Michael Bay loves to get Optimus Prime set up with a sword, and this image certainly gives us that. Although interestingly, the thing he's fighting does not appear to be a robot, in disguise or otherwise.

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This image, which comes courtesy of Paramount Pictures UK branch, is just some simple art, and without knowing more about exactly what Transformers: The Last Knight is actually about, it's hard to guess what it is we're looking at. While the focal image is Optimus Prime, there are a few other things of interest which are probably hints to things that will be important in the new movie. Most noticeably, there is a creature, or creatures, at the right-hand side of the image. What we see looks to be, if the scale is intact here, some sort of Transformer-sized monster. What's most interesting about it is that it doesn't really look like a Transformer itself. It's possible that the image being set in the background makes it harder to tell, but it looks more like some sort of hydra. The last movie had Dinobots, but this is getting nuts.

Exactly what the story is behind Transformers: The Last Knight is, is still not clear. Indications are that the story will deal with another magical Transformers artifact, one that has apparently been on Earth since the days of Merlin. Yes, the word is that Arthurian legend is now making its way into the Transformer movies.

Having said that, all of this will somehow still tie into the standard Transformers formula. We know that Mark Wahlberg will be returning to the movie, along with previous series regulars Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson. In addition, we know that Megatron will be back as a major antagonist, making it seem like Transformers: The Last Knight is looking to take the series back, as well as forward. In addition to the returning stars, the film will see Elizabeth Moner join the cast, alongside a new Transformer named Squeeks.

While Michael Bay has stated that this will be the last Transformers movie he will direct, it is far from the last movie in the series. The current plan is for Transformers: The Last Knight to be the beginning of a brand new trilogy. In addition, there are plans for a standalone film starring Bumblebee as the lead character.

How much are you looking forward to Transformers: The Last Knight? The film will hit theaters next summer.

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