One Suicide Squad Star’s Super Blunt Reaction To Critics' Negative Reviews

Enchantress Suicide Squad

While the general public has yet to check out Suicide Squad for themselves, critics have seen the movie and most of them have not been kind. As you might expect, the people who made the film aren't taking quite so kindly to the strong negative reaction, and one of them has fired right back at the critics. Cara Delevingne, who plays the Enchantress in the movie, refers to the reviews and possibly the reviewers as "horrible", and said she doesn't think critics like superhero movies.

David Ayer has already spoken about negative reviews on Twitter, where he said that he loves the movie and wouldn't change anything. As such, he's mostly just ignoring the critics. It doesn't appear that Cara Delevingne has been doing that. While she could just be looking at the general consensus, it sounds like she's been looking at what they are specifically saying. She recently told Reuters that she finds the response "horrific."

The critics have been absolutely horrific, they're really, really horrible. You know, I just don't think they like superhero movies

It can't really be denied that the critics have been very hard on Suicide Squad. The film currently sits at an aggregate rating of 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. Of the 136 reviews currently listed, only 40 are positive. Of course, those numbers don't tell the entire story. While a review may give a film an overall negative score, it doesn't mean that a reviewer didn't find anything worthwhile in the movie. Most reviewers have praised Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, and the film's overall lighter tone as compared to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC's last cinematic outing.

And certainly, Cara Delevingne isn't entirely incorrect about reviewers and superhero movies; there are many who view them as a waste of time. Some have decried the studios increasing reliance on them, as well as the entire concept of the shared universe which both Marvel and DC have now become involved in. At the same time, there are many reviewers who love superhero movies in general. We here at Cinema Blend have put two of them on our list of the best movies of the year so far. In fact, many of the negative reviews come from a place of frustration, as people who are fans of the genre as a whole simply wish Suicide Squad had been better.

It's understandable that Cara Delevingne would be frustrated by the reviews. She, along with everybody else in the cast and crew, did her job to the best of her ability to make Suicide Squad a great movie. It has to be difficult to work in a job where the quality of your work is constantly judged. Ask Ben Affleck how it feels to be considered the "best part" of a movie that was generally panned. It didn't appear to make him feel that much better.

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