This past weekend was not a particularly impressive one at the box office. Three major films opened, and yet none of them were able to overcome a perfectly reasonable, but unimpressive, second week for Sully. One of the underperforming films included the unexpected return of an interesting horror property, Blair Witch.

It almost seems unfair calling Blair Witch a bomb, as, with its microscopic production budget ($5 million), the film is already profitable, regardless of the take. However, when compared to the way the original Blair Witch Project took theaters by storm, Lionsgate had to be expecting more. There are reasons that it didn't work out that way, however. These are our best explanations:

Found Footage Is A Tired Gimmick

While The Blair Witch Project was not the first movie to use the found footage trope, it was still the movie that introduced it to mainstream audiences. That made the original film unique. However, nearly two decades later, found footage has been done to death. The Paranormal Activity franchise by itself has nearly destroyed it single-handedly. The last one of those is less than a year old. We've seen it now, it's nothing new. While it was apparently felt that the film needed to bring this back in order to be "Blair Witch-like," it didn't do the most important thing that the original did, which was bring something new to the table.

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