New Logan Storyboards Show Wolverine Going Full Berserker

There are a few notable features that Wolverine has in nearly all his incarnations. The metal claws. The sideburns. The Canadian heritage. The immeasurable rage in the middle of conflict. It's that last one that makes him an especially dangerous threat against any who oppose him, whether they're human or mutant. We'll see this berserker mode at work again next year in Logan, and one of those moments has just been teased in two storyboard images.

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Director James Mangold recently posted these Logan illustrations from artist Gabriel Hardman on his Twitter account, showing Wolverine jumping into the front of a car, though it's hard to tell whether the vehicle is parked or in motion. Either way, he has no problem sinking his claws through the windshield, which is a shame if there's an occupant inside. At minimum they're about to be hit by shards of glass, but Wolverine himself will also likely grab that person either to obtain information or beat the hell out of them. If things get bad enough, they might themselves punctured with three claws of pure adamantium.

It's good to see that Wolverine won't have lost iconic rage in Logan. Having metal claws is cool enough on its own, but without the proper fighting spirit, using them would be difficult. That being said, he'll have definitely seen better days. In the year 2024, Wolverine's healing powers aren't working as well as they used to, forcing him to use alcohol to dull the pain. We did see him briefly lose this ability in 2013's The Wolverine due to a robotic parasite, but this time around, it looks like the issue may just be because age is taking its toll. Remember, X-Men Origins: Wolverine showed that he was around 12 or 13-years-old in 1845, so he's been walking the Earth for close to 200 years.

Wolverine's healing factor on the fritz is just the start of how depressing things will be in the Logan time period. For instance, his old friend, Professor Charles Xavier, has become unstable in his elderly years. In fact, mutants all over the world are having a rough time. For whatever reason, the mutant birthrate has dropped, and if that wasn't bad enough, young ones are reportedly being kidnapped by an organization called Transigen to be turned into living weapons. It isn't a great time, but despite the pain, Wolverine will have to jump back into action to protect his fellow mutants, including his younger female clone, X-23. Fortunately, the images above confirm he's still the best at what he does, and what he does isn't very nice.

Logan will be released on March 3, 2017, so stay tuned to Cinema Blend for all the most relevant updates concerning the spinoff.

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