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A couple months after Marvel releases Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 they'll follow up with Spider-Man: Homecoming. The Guardians trailer came out a couple months ago, so aren't we about due for the first Homecoming trailer? Quite possibly. It looks like the wall-crawler is set to make a big impact on this weekend's Comic-Con in Brazil. The word is that attendees will also be the first to get a look at the first teaser trailer for the film, possibly as soon as this Friday.

While Brazil's CCXP Comic-Con doesn't get quite the attention as the big one in San Diego, considering the population of Brazil, it's no small event. It's also, considering its timing, one of the first big events of its kind where next year's summer movies first begin to get shown off. It would make perfect sense that this information, provided by the @tomhollabr Twitter account, would be correct.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

The question is, once the trailer is shown to its first crowd, how long will it be before the rest of us see it? At San Diego Comic-Con, different companies took very different approaches to the material. Some released it on YouTube almost instantly after it was aired at the show. Marvel, however, was one of the studios that tended to wait. While we have now seen what Thor was up to during Civil War, the fans at Comic-Con were the only ones to have set their eyes on that for a few months.

Assuming there are no leaks, we'd guess that Marvel will probably hold on to the footage at least for a little while. However, there is the little matter of a major release from Disney that is set to come out in just a couple of weeks. If we haven't seen the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer prior to the debut of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, then there's a really good chance we'll see it there.

In addition to the trailer, it appears the first poster for Spider-Man: Homecoming will also debut in Brazil.

While this won't be our first look at the new MCU Spider-Man, as he played a prominent role in Captain America: Civil War, this will be the first time that Tom Holland will lead his own film. Homecoming will be the sixth Spider-Man movie in the last 15 years when it hits theater next July. The most interesting thing that we might see in the first teaser is how the new film will differentiate itself from everything that has come before it.

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