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Exclusive Underworld Motion Poster Brings A Snowy Kate Beckinsale To Life

The Underworld franchise is not necessarily one that we would have suspected would survive to see five films made, and yet, here we are. Underworld: Blood Wars has a new poster out, but this one shows you a lot more than you usually see. A new motion poster works almost like a teaser trailer, giving you not just a look at what you'll get in the new film, but you can hear it too.

If you like Kate Beckinsale in leather with guns, and seriously, who doesn't, then the new Underworld: Blood Wars poster gives you that, now with two different coats. While it's a minor thing, the poster is pretty cool. Certainly by adding more to it than a simple static image people who see it are going to really look at it. The gunshots, if nothing else, force you to take notice.

What's more, this particular poster gives you access to a special Snapchat filter that can allow you to put yourself into the setting of the movie.

Why is the new Underworld a Blood War? Because Kate Beckinsale's Selene has some pretty special blood, the kind that makes both vampires and werewolves, sorry, Lycans, powerful, so now everybody is hunting her down. Apparently, there's a daughter too? Sorry, it's possible that I've missed a couple of these. Is there a place to catch up?

All that is window dressing, however. The point of the Underworld films to give us great vampire and Lycan action sequences. In that regard, the films do pretty well. They usually contain some fun and stylized action. The trailers have certainly promised us that. Although, it does seem that the Underworld movies are becoming so dark that they're becoming difficult to see.

While the Underworld franchise doesn't blow the doors of the box office in North America. The last entry in the franchise, Underworld: Awakening, which saw Kate Beckinsale's return to the series, was the highest grossing of the four previous films, mostly due to bringing in nearly $100 million overseas. There's a good chance that Underworld: Blood Wars is looking for a similar response. With its release date of January 6, 2017, there won't be a great deal of competition for those movie goers looking for a solid action movie and there's something about people wrapped leather shooting each other which seems cross cultural barriers.

Will you be checking out Underworld: Blood Wars next month? Let us know in the comments.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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