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Mean Girls

Mean Girls is one of those movies that both the fans and some of the stars have wanted to see a sequel to for a long time. While no real movement on a follow-up has ever happened, Lindsay Lohan is now changing that. She has said in the past that she would love to make a sequel, but it turns out she hasn't just been talking. She's also written up an idea for a sequel, she just needs all the appropriate people to give her the green light.

I have been trying so hard to do a Mean Girls 2. It is not in my hands. I know that Tina Fey, and Lorne Michaels and all of Paramount are very busy. But I will keep forcing it and pushing it on them until we do it...I have already written a treatment for it. I just need a response.

Lindsay Lohan spoke with CNN on Facebook when she was asked if she would like to make more comedies. Apparently, Mean Girls 2 is the comedy she wants to make because that's immediately where her mind went. Lohan doesn't go into details about the treatment that she's written but it would seem that when she says she wants to make the movie it isn't just talk, she's really working toward making it happen. Lohan has spoken about an idea that she has had for a sequel before, in which all of the original Mean Girls are now adult cheating housewives. It's a safe bet that's the idea that her treatment deals with, though it's possible she's had additional ideas since then

At various points over the last decade, and then some, pretty much everybody involved in the original Mean Girls has spoken about being interested in making a sequel. Even Tina Fey, who wrote the original film, and was against the idea of a sequel early on, has since said she doesn't really know why she was against the idea. However, due to the amount of time that has passed, Fey has said that it's too late to make a sequel. The idea of making the film with adult characters apparently doesn't appeal to her.

You can check out Lindsay Lohan's full comments in the interview below. They bring up Mean Girls at the 9:30 mark

We spoke to actress Lindsay Lohan about Mean Girls 2, George Michael and her charity work with refugees.

Posted by CNN on Thursday, December 29, 2016

While a sequel to Mean Girls appears unlikely, the property itself will probably be seen again someday in the near future. Earlier this year Tina Fey said she was working on a musical version of the original film for the stage.

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