Justice League Is Bringing A Favorite DC Setting To The Big Screen

While there's a great deal that we still don't know about what's going on with Justice League, a confirmation about which characters that appear would seem to also confirm that we'll get to see the DCEU version of a major comic location. We know that Jesse Eisenberg will be making an appearance as Lex Luthor and since the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has told us where that character currently resides, it would seem that means that we're going to get our first look at Arkham Asylum.

Arkham Asylum

Two and two were put together by the folks over at Batman-News, and the math does appear to add up. A recent press release from Warner Bros. included Jesse Eisenberg among the cast of the upcoming Justice League movie and since we know where he is located, it makes sense that we'll see Arkham Asylum, the home for the criminally insane where all of Batman's rogue's gallery spend their time when they're not walking the streets making things difficult for the caped crusader.

The Luthor connection isn't the only evidence we have, however. The IMDB pages of several people playing extras in the film have been recently updated with roles from Justice League with names like "Arkham Guard" and "Lex Luthor's Guard" which adds some credibility to the idea.

We have seen Arkham Asylum in the movies before, but only in passing and never really as a major location. Several of the villains end up there at the end of Joel Schumacher movies, including Jim Carrey's Riddler.

Arkham Asylum has been a much more important location in the comics and the video games, where one entire game was placed on the grounds of the Asylum. While it's unlikely that Arkham will make for a major location in Justice League, it could be a sign that things are being set up for the future. It was once rumored that a large part of the Batman standalone movie would be set at the Asylum. Of course, when that was the case it was being rumored that Batman movie would have several villains in it. At this point, it would seem that we're only expecting Deathstroke, so it's possible that we won't be seeing the Batman nut house after all.

We'd expect that Batman will go have another heart to heart with Lex Luthor in order to learn what he knows about the impending threat the team will be facing in Justice League. We'll see for sure when the movie premieres November 17.

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