Watch Brie Larson’s Beautiful Moment With Emma Stone That Wasn’t Shown At The Oscars

Those of you who watched this year's Oscars ceremony already know that it was packed to the brim with excitement and emotion. In addition to the Best Picture flub (which WILL go down in Hollywood history as an iconic incident), the evening also featured a quite a few intense moments behind the scenes. One such moment involved a tearful Brie Larson congratulating Emma Stone on her La La Land Oscar win, and the video of the affair is insanely touching. Check it out below to see for yourself.

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The backstage area of The Dolby Theater was clearly a madhouse after Emma Stone won her Best Actress Oscar (for good reason, she totally deserved it), but Brie Larson eventually found her among the chaos. It's difficult to genuinely make out what Larson and Stone are saying to each other in the video, but the way in which Larson chokes up clearly lends the sense that she's incredibly happy about seeing her friend walk away with Oscar gold. That's a hug between friends if I have ever seen one. In fact, Larson herself posted this shortly after the encounter happened:

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It's a fantastic moment between friends, although I will admit, it's somewhat sullied by all of the cameras snapping away around them.

It's not hard to understand why Brie Larson would connect with Emma Stone like this. With only one year of age difference between them, these two Oscar-winning actresses have experienced very similar trajectories of success. Both of them found themselves catapulted to fame by their roles in R-rated teen comedies (21 Jump Street for Larson, and Superbad for Stone) and both of them eventually graduated to more mature dramas that have allowed them to flex even more acting muscles.

Brie Larson 21 Jumpstreet Emma Stone Superbad

Now all Emma Stone has to do is lock down a substantial superhero/supervillain role for herself (we're not counting Gwen Stacy because The Amazing Spider-Man movies aren't so good) and her career will mirror that of Brie Larson. As many of you already know, last year's Best Actress winner (for Room) was recently cast to take on the role of Captain Marvel, and she's expected to take center stage for her first solo movie in 2019. Maybe Larson can get Emma Stone in contact with some people at Marvel.

We will make sure to get you caught up on all of the latest and greatest news related to the Academy Awards as more information and details become available to us. As for Ms. Stone, we would just like to extend sincere congratulations for your Oscar win; you completely deserve it, and you have officially joined a very exclusive Hollywood club.

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