In what seemed like the blink of an eye, Deadpool went from cinematic zero to hero. Thanks to a critically-beloved solo feature, he is arguably now the most popular character in the X-Men franchise, and therefore has the brightest of futures ahead of him on the big screen. With those projects still in the early stages of development, however, we don't know a great deal about what to expect at this time... but I recently was able to pick up a few details from two of the big brains running the entire show.

This past weekend I caught up with Deadpool screenwriters/producers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick during the press day for their new movie Life, and we spent a portion of our time discussing the future of the superhero franchise that they helped launch last year -- including Deadpool 2 and beyond. So what did I learn? Read on below and across the next few pages to find out!

Don't Expect A Lot Of Future Planning In Deadpool 2

Tim Miller's Deadpool was a comic book movie made in a very different atmosphere than most in the genre. While most franchise projects are developed while thinking two or three steps ahead, Fox was just hoping the Merc With The Mouth would make its tiny budget back. Now that we know there is a big future planned for Deadpool, however, how will that affect Deadpool 2? According to Rhett Reese, the answer is "not much." The writer/producer told me,

We're trying not to think too much about it, because you can really...It's a trap in these movies to use the current movie to set up the next movie, as opposed to making the current movie. I know that I buck against it. I feel like, 'Oh, here we go -- it's just setting up something that doesn't even matter for this movie. It only matters for the next movie.' So we are keeping in mind that there will be a next movie; we're trying to set up the characters that will be in that next movie. But that's not our first goal.

While not identified by name, those characters are Domino (played by Zazie Beetz) and Cable (TBD), who are expected to be big players in the X-Force team-up movie that Fox now has in development. Going by Rhett Reese's comments, however, it doesn't sound like we'll be seeing that unit form in Deadpool 2, and it also doesn't sound like the film will be used to introduce the project's central antagonist. Reese continued,

Our first goal is to tell a Deadpool story in an emotional, fun, satisfying way. And then the fact that we're setting up something in the future -- it's happening, but you're not gonna see that mustache-twirling villain, who is going 'Hahaha, [it's all coming into place].' You're just not going to see that, because that's not our game.

Still, one of the challenges of making Deadpool 2 will be taking major players like Domino and Cable and fitting them in a narrative that also includes characters audiences fell in love with the first time around. And that brings us to Major Thing We Learned About Deadpool's Future Movies #2...

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