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While Henry Cavill is the modern movie Superman, for an entire generation there will never be anybody better in the role than Christopher Reeve. So what's better than seeing the two characters combined into one? Cavill's Superman director Zack Snyder recently shared an image of the actor's original test for the role, and in it, he's wearing the original costume worn by Christopher Reeve in his series of Superman films.

Henry Cavill in Christopher Reeve superman costume

Zack Snyder shared the image via his Vero social media account and in it, we can clearly see what Snyder obviously saw back in 2011. Henry Cavill just looks like Superman. Obviously, as they were in the casting stages for Man of Steel there was no suit yet, that wouldn't be made until they had an actor to go in it, so what better way to see what your actor looks like as Superman than to put him in another costume, because I'm sure they just had this one hanging around.

The costume itself seems to fit pretty well, which may have gone a long way to helping to make Cavill look right. If he'd been a bit smaller person he probably would have looked like a guy wearing a Halloween costume, not a superhero.

Of course, we look at this image of Superman and we can't help but wonder what Superman is going to look like the next time we see him. It's not entirely clear when that will even be. While it's likely that Superman will be resurrected as part of Justice League that has yet to be officially confirmed. Either way, the next time we see Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel he could be a very different character. One has to assume that dying can change a man and that likely isn't any different for Superman.

It will likely also mean another change of costume for the Man of Steel. Every indication is that when Superman does return to the DC Extended Universe it will be in the black costume that the character also wore upon his return to life in the comics. This could very easily also mean a brand new blue suit down the road since we're guessing the black costume won't be a long-term thing.

The costume is the most iconic part of the Superman character, The logo S is probably the most recognizable image in the history of comics. It's pretty cool to see these two parts of Superman film history together in one place. We're looking forward to seeing Henry Cavill as Superman once again. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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