Watch These Incredible Toddlers Reenact An Entire Scene From Frozen

When Frozen was released back in 2013, the movie was a phenomenon. Kids wore Elsa and Anna costumes to all kinds of outings. "Let it Go" was used in all kinds of circumstances, to the point where it was overplayed. Disney even opened a Frozen boutique in Downton Disneyland, where little princesses and snowmen could get costumes or have their hair done. Even now, nearly four years from the date when Frozen was released, a lot of children are still in love with the movie, as evidenced by these two incredibly adept toddlers who reenacted an entire scene from the popular Disney flick. Give it a watch, below.

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There's a scene early on in Frozen when Anna is encouraging Elsa to play around that the 23-month-old daughters of Colleen Jordan just can't get enough of. Scarlett and Madelyn love to reenact the scene, with one little girl pretending to be sleeping and another playing the Anna role which involves waking her up. As the scene continues, the two toddlers also seem to love holding hands and running like the two sisters, as well as making magic with their hands, and pretending to play in the magical snow that Elsa concocts. Little kids are often adorable for a variety of reasons, but this is one of the cutest Frozen-oriented moments we've see so far.

The two girls, who live in the Philadelphia area, have already become famous for the clip their mother posted to social media. The video has already done 50M views and is continually climbing, doubtless because it's really impressive that the twin sisters were able to mimic this much from a Disney movie before they even reached their second birthdays.

Frozen is not the best movie that Disney has ever produced, but it's easy to see why the movie was such a phenomenon upon release. It features two sisters, which is unusual for a Disney princess film, it has great music and memorable snow-oriented imagery. Plus, characters like Sven and Olaf really do stand-out. We're guessing that toddlers around the world will continue watching the film in the years to come, especially as both Disneyland and Disney World have made a hard push to incorporate the movie in its parks, with the live theater show and boutique at Disneyland and the newer ride in Epcot. If you weren't a fan of the flick before, it may be time to let it go, as it looks as if Frozen will be one for the ages.

Frozen 2 is still reportedly moving forward at Disney. We'll let you know if the animated sequel gets off the ground. In the meantime, we suggest watching those too-cute toddlers once more.

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