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Why People Need To Get Over Wonder Woman's Breasts, According To Lynda Carter

We're just a few weeks away from Warner Bros. and DC Comics' big Wonder Woman release, and original Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter is fired up and talking about the famous female superhero once more. She recently spoke out about one of Wonder Woman's most noticeable assets--her breasts--explaining why she feels people really need to get over the female superhero's chest. Lynda Carter said:

Well, excuse me, women have breasts. Superman has got a big pouch in his crotch, so does Spider-Man and Green Lantern and their muscles are bulging --- no one has a problem with that.

When Wonder Woman was first on television back in the 1970s, a lot of people were really interested in Wonder Woman's boobs, so much so that Lynda Carter revealed to The Daily Telegraph that she still gets comments from people telling her they have her pinned up in their bathrooms. Still, it's been around 40 years since the Wonder Woman tv series graced our TV screens, and Lynda Carter is still astounded that new Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and herself are facing the same sort of scrutiny for having boobs and being empowering female personalities.

lynda carter and gal gadot as wonder woman

In fact, Carter recently fought against such scrutiny when there was backlash against a UN appointment she was given because of the costume she used to wear back in the day. While Gal Gadot hasn't dealt with anything quite like that, yet, she has had to deal with a ton of appearance-related comments over the last several months. Carter feels the whole idea about people putting Wonder Woman under such a microscope is ridiculous.

If they have a problem with a female who is strong, they're missing the entire point; it's the ultimate sexism to say because she has big breasts and a costume on, that is what you think represents her and who she is. Women do have breasts and women can defend themselves and fight back. Wonder Woman is about telling the truth.

If you've been keeping tabs on Wonder Woman at all, there have been a lot of comments made about Gal Gadot's appearance. Gal Gadot has already responded to people who think her boobs are too small when compared to the comics and even Carter's original look. She's also had to deal with arm hair-gate, which is a whole different sort of issue altogether. Luckily, when the character popped up in Batman V Superman any wonder about whether or not Gal Gadot was right for the role was shut down, and the character was pretty well-received. Bring on the badassery.

Wonder Woman is the next DC superhero to be getting her own solo movie, and fans can catch the results starting on June 2, 2017. Lynda Carter, unfortunately, will not have a small part in the new movie, as the actress has said that the timing didn't quite work out. Still, there's a lot to look forward to and you can check out what we know about the movie ahead of the premiere.

Jessica Rawden
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