Watch Zac Efron Kiss The Rock In New Baywatch Red Band Trailer

Baywatch has been more than happy to tease its r-rating over the past few weeks. Now, that the movie is finally headed into theaters, Baywatch has finally released a red band trailer full of f-bombs, middle fingers, dismembered body parts, action and more. But if you want to see Zac Efron's dream of kissing Alexandra Daddario turn into a nightmare as he realizes he's actually kissing Dwayne Johnson's character, you gotta give this NSFW trailer a watch, below.

There have honestly been quite a few trailers and viral footage released for Baywatch so far, as the cast and studio have been great about sharing stuff. However, the new redband trailer manages to feature a lot of cool new moments, including the amazing intro where Zac Efron's Matt Brody thinks he's making out with Alexandra Daddario... until it's clear that it's just The Rock's Mitch Buchannon "kicking his ass." If that's not enough to wet your appetite for the flick, there's also Daddario dropping an f-bomb as she rebuffs Efron's character and Efron talking about how Dwayne Johnson's balls are "bullies."

Well, we said it was red band, right?

dwayne johnson giving the middle finger

We've known for a while that Baywatch would be having somewhat troubling times in the flick, causing the organization to hire professional swimmer Matt Brody to create a new image. Unfortunately, Brody and team leader Mitch Buchannon won't get along, but they will have to work together to stop a drug trafficking operation that is underfoot. Rapid-fire and fairly raunchy jokes look as if they will be a staple of the new movie, as we've previously heard jokes cracked about a sandcastle version of Mitch Buchannon's package. Plenty of nudity has been promised, as well. There's also going to be male nudity of a sort (key word: sort), if that's something you are into.

We'll find out soon enough if all of these one-off jokes come together into a cohesive movie, as Baywatch is set to hit theaters on May 25. On the bright side, fans of Dwayne Johnson may already know that he has a slew of other projects in the pipeline. If you'd like to check out the myriad projects he has in the works, take a look at our full list.

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