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The Transformers are powerful beings thanks to their brute strength to their ability to turn into cool-looking vehicles. But even they're not invincible, as both Autobots and Decepticons have died in battle throughout the Transformers series. However, Bumblebee, one of the franchise's leading protagonists, won't be as easily destroyed in Transformers: The Last Knight, as a new clip shows the yellow robot in disguise actually reassembling itself.

At some point during Transformers: The Last Knight, Bumblebee will be broken apart somehow, and it looks like Transformer-hating humans will be the ones responsible for this assault. Fortunately, that doesn't take him out of the game permanently, because despite being in pieces, the above clip shows Bumblebee mentally controlling all his parts to reassemble himself whole. As Mark Wahlberg's Cade Yeager noted, those soldiers make a mistake attacking Bumblebee. This moment was also shown in the international trailer released a couple days ago, but given all the other explosive moments that previews showed, Bumblebee's new power definitely deserved to be spotlighted on its own.

As with the previous four Transformers movies, Bumblebee will be a major player in The Last Knight. When we last saw him in Age of Extinction, he'd been made leader of the Autobots when Optimus Prime ventured out into space. Evidently sometime before the events of The Last Knight, Bumblebee upgraded himself so that he's a lot harder to kill. It's just a shame that this ability couldn't have been given to the Autobots who died in the earlier entries.

Transformers: The Last Knight is being set up as the biggest Transformers movie yet, from learning about why the robots in disguise are so closely connected to Earth, to depicting the war between them and the human race. However, there have been concerns over Bumblebee's well being given that we've seen him fighting Optimus Prime, his onetime ally, in several previews and not faring well. Given Bumblebee's importance to the franchise, the chances of him dying compared to the other Transformers are slim (especially with this new ability), but it's not impossible. On the off chance Bumblebee does bite the dust, at least moviegoers won't be separated from him for long, as the Bumblebee spinoff coming next year, and is described by Michael Bay as going "younger."

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You can see Bumblebee back in action when Transformers: The Last Knight arrives on June 23, and the Bumblebee spinoff will roll out into theaters on June 8, 2018.

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