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The Amusing Reason Charles Was Into Taco Bell In Logan

Professor X in Logan

Between the various shared universes, superhero movies are expected to hit theaters every few months for the foreseeable future. And while X-Men was one of the first installments in the genre, the following films have varied in regards to quality. Then Logan hit theaters, portraying a complex and intimate story about family, while also allowing Hugh Jackman's Wolverine to be extra deadly in his final appearance. Conversation regarding Logan hasn't slowed in the months since its release, and director James Mangold recently opened up about one of the more bizarre moments in the film: Charles Xavier's love for Taco Bell.

With Logan now available for home release, director James Mangold has once again made the press rounds to advertise his hit film. It's here that Charles' love for Taco Bell was brought up, and the story behind the dialogue is pretty hilarious. He said,

The funny story of why that dialogue's in there is, I was actually offered a Taco Bell commercial while we were in prep. And while I was writing the scene, I was looking for Charles to say things --- random things --- that indicate that he'd been watching TV too much, and I literally had this Taco Bell commercial script on my desk for the new quesalupa from Taco Bell, and in my desperation to get pages done, I just took it and plugged it right in.

Well, it looks like Charles Xavier's penchant for mexican inspired fast food is just a case of art imitating life. When James Mangold was in a bit of a writer's block regarding Charles' declining mental state, Taco Bell was there to help out. And the results were delicious.

This bit of news, which comes to us from Huff Po, just shows how intimately James Mangold worked on Logan. While the large ensemble X-Men movies typically have a ton of cooks in the kitchen, Mangold was able to both write and direct his R-rated feature. It's his vision that likely made the film such a success, and Logan felt wholly different (in a good way) from the rest of the franchise.

This departure was partly due to how James Mangold changed the characters of Logan and Charles. Ordinarily Charles Xavier is the smartest and most powerful guy in the room, able to end conflicts with the mere thought. But even the most powerful telepath in the world still ages, which we saw with Professor X's decline in mental capability. This allowed for an otherwise all knowing character to suddenly become much more real, and his random outbursts about having to pee or the craving for Taco Bell gave him a comedic side that was missing from the previous characterizations.

You can currently own a copy of Logan for yourself, and be sure to check out our 2017 release schedule to plan your next trip to the movies.

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