Warning: spoilers ahead for Wonder Woman! Don't read any further if you have not seen Diana Prince's first solo adventure!

It's once again a great time to be a fan of DC Comics and DC heroes. Wonder Woman has officially debuted in theaters, and Patty Jenkins' superhero epic seems to have effectively turned Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) into one of the coolest mainstream heroes in recent memory. We had a feeling that Wonder Woman would be good, but the film has defied all of our expectations to become legitimately great.

While plenty of rumors associated with Wonder Woman certainly panned out as expected, many others turned out to be complete rubbish. Those are the ones that we will focus on today. We've gone through the film and picked out the six most significant rumors related to the film that turned out to be completely false in the end. First and foremost, let's get started with the early reports that one of the world's (literally) biggest action stars was supposed to appear in Wonder Woman.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Had A Cameo

Before Wonder Woman's release, the social media activity of Patty Jenkins and Arnold Schwarzenegger led people to assume that the former bodybuilder would appear in the movie somehow. Specifically, some fans even theorized that the action legend would portray Zeus in a sequence involving the gods of Mount Olympus. Of course, as we now know, that was not the case. That said, it's not hard to understand why people would start to make assumptions. Schwarzenegger has not been shy about the fact that he would be willing to return to the superhero genre to redeem himself for Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin, and a movie like Wonder Woman could've represented an opportunity to reenter the DC fold.

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