Jamie Foxx Just Poked Fun At Having To Promote Bad Movies

jamie foxx jacket in sleepless

As someone who has done plenty of interviews over the years, Jamie Foxx knows the difference between when journalists are super invested in a project he is doing for the big screen and when those same journalists are just being polite. While promoting Edgar Wright's upcoming new movie Baby Driver, Jamie Foxx had some nice things to say about that movie, while simultaneously trashing the last flick he made. He said:

I can't wait to tell you about that joint Baby Driver! It's crazy, it's cool, and it ain't a typical film. It brings a thrill ride, so everybody can experience it. And it's good too! It ain't like that last joint I had. Yeah, I know it's tough. It's tough when you still got to promote it. You know it's bad when they don't ask you nothing about the movie like, 'Man that jacket you was wearing is tight.' Yeah, I know it sucked.

Presumably Jamie Foxx is talking about Sleepless, the cop thriller that came out earlier this year and in which Jamie Foxx has a penchant for wearing jackets. But Foxx has had a rough few years in terms of critical acclaim. His last bigger budget venture Annie didn't do as well as expected. And Horrible Bosses 2 wasn't as popular as the first. Foxx's last critically acclaimed movie was probably Django Unchained, although The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and White House Down both have their fanbases. At least Jamie Foxx hasn't landed on a list of actors who make the most bad movies, yet.

Most actors who have been in the business of making movies for a number of years have seen both successes and failures, but it's not often that one of them will just open up about what happens when he or she knows a movie is bad. It's even rarer that an actor will go beyond a general reference to bad movies and will reference a specific on. In this case, the reaction from the audience at the BET Awards was notable, as various people cackled and some even covered their eyes while he brazenly spoke out about promoting his last movie.

On the bright side, with a little luck Baby Driver won't be a dud at the box office. The film is currently running at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and while that number will likely change as more reviews flow in, it's not a bad place to be starting at. Baby Driver hits theaters on June 28, 2017, so we'll be learning pretty soon whether or not audiences will pay good movie to see the stunt-driving flick starring Ansel Elgort. To take a look at what else is coming this summer, check out our full movies premiere schedule.

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