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What’s Happening With War Machine’s Legs In Infinity War, According To Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle War Machine Iron Man 2

With Thanos set to arrive on our world when The Avengers: Infinity War debuts next year, Earth's mightiest heroes will need all hands on deck. The problem is, if you have seen Captain America: Civil War, then you already know that the roster is down one War Machine after James Rhodes suffered a life-changing spinal injury. Never fear, true believers, because it now sounds like the most heavily-armed Avenger will indeed make a recovery in time to stand by his closest allies. In fact, Don Cheadle recently opened up on Good Morning America and admitted that he believes Tony Stark's technical prowess will get Rhodey back on his feet by the time Infinity War rolls around. Cheadle explained:

When you have somebody like Tony, who is a master of tech and can create things that can get you over the hump, then you can walk again.

The medical science in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is far more advanced than anything that we have in our reality. After all, even before his introduction into the world of magic in last year's Doctor Strange, Stephen Strange pulled off surgical procedures that most doctors could only dream of accomplishing. Considering Tony Stark's vast wealth of resources (both financial and technological), it would make sense for him to come up with a means of getting his best friend back into a suit of armor once more.

Taking Don Cheadle's recent comments on Good Morning America into account, it would make perfect sense for Tony Stark to do this for War Machine. Guilt always seems to be like the primary emotion that drives Iron Man in his missions, and he very clearly holds himself responsible for the injuries his friend suffered when Vision shot his armor down -- even if Rhodey tried to convince him otherwise. Given Tony's historically obsessive tendencies (Ultron, anyone?), it would not surprise us to see him devote himself to a spinal implant or exoskeleton that will help get War Machine back on his feet.

With all of that said, Marvel will need to tread lightly with regards to how it brings War Machine back into the field for the next Avengers film. His injury was the only real, long-term physical consequence of Captain America: Civil War's story, and undoing that bold creative choice could take away from the film's emotional stakes. We are okay with Rhodey coming back as War Machine (in fact, we welcome it), but we also want to see a long and arduous journey that feels earned.

Don Cheadle will make his next appearance as War Machine when The Avengers: Infinity War debuts in theaters next year on May 4. For now, make sure to catch Tony Stark in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and check out our comprehensive movie premiere guide for more information related to the rest of this year's major theatrical releases.

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