Deadpool 2 Shares An Official Look At Cable, And He's Awesome

Cable, in the Marvel comics

Deadpool, by most standards, was a lower-budget surprise of a comic-book hit that mocked massive superhero franchises as it skirted the formula of the genre. Deadpool 2 needs to keep that punk aesthetic alive, and yet, expand on the scope because it should (by definition) have a bigger budget and more characters to play with. We know that Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) will be joined by Domino (Zazie Beetz) and Cable (Josh Brolin) in the sequel, and the latter just got a first-look photo. Check this hotness out:

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Why are we instantly assuming that the introduction of Cable and Domino will increase the size and scope of Deadpool 2? Well, as Ryan Reynolds hints at in the text of his Twitter share, Cable is from the future, and the sequel will have to delve into time travel just by simply making him a character. While the original film did dabble in the X-Men universe, and show off a corner of the Weapon X program that birthed Wolverine (and Deadpool, for that matter), the events of Deadpool were still grounded by comic-book expectations, and we wonder how Deadpool 2 will touch on time travel -- and Cable's complicated backstory -- without stretching the reach of its narrative.

After sharing an up-close face shot, Ryan Reynolds dropped a full-body shot of Josh Brolin's Cable. Get a load of this!

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The look is pretty great. We have been writing numerous stories about Josh Brolin's gym-rat approach to getting in shape to play this futuristic warrior (whose Origin Story is too complicated to break down here). But this is the first time we are getting a good look at how Brolin, director David Leitch and the Deadpool 2 team will combine human tissue and techno-organic parts to create Cable -- the son of two X-Men who is transported to the future to seek a cure for the techno-virus that turns him into this hybrid fighter. The arm looks fantastic. The gleam in his eye looks fantastic. And the weapons look unreal.

Deadpool 2 currently is filming. We have official looks at Cable and Domino. We haven't seen any major changes for Ryan Reynolds' titular hero, but I imagine he'll look essentially the same... though an upgrade on the anti-hero's weaponry might be essential if he's going to hold his own against Cable. The sequel hits theaters on June 1, 2018, and you can head over here for all the information that we have on Upcoming X-Men Movies.

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