How Tom Holland Accidentally Influenced One Of The Spider-Man: Homecoming Posters

Spider-Man: Homecoming

While Spider-Man: Homecoming is generally being regarded as a pretty great Spider-Man movie, the posters that were released leading up to the film were pretty heavily criticized. Apparently, in at least one case, you can blame Tom Holland. Luckily, in this case, the poster was actually one of the better ones we saw. As it turns out, the poster that showed Spider-Man just chilling by the water listening to some tunes was actually inspired by the man who played Spider-Man, taking a nap in between takes. According to Holland...

Interesting story about that poster is that is actually me asleep. That's not part of the movie, that's me in-between takes asleep. We were shooting this scene and I was just really tired that day, and I was just asleep on the floor, and the photographer took a picture. So when they made that the poster, I was like 'What! What the hell, guys!'

Spider-Man: Homecoming had one of the most over the top posters ever conceived of when it released one that simply had every character in the movie vomited onto the page. By comparison, the poster of Spider-Man in front of the New York skyline was absolutely beautiful by comparison. We can thank Tom Holland for accidentally inspiring the image thanks to his need to grab some shut eye in between takes. The info comes from an interview posted by realspideyman on Instagram. While the quote above makes it sound like the actor was upset, he goes to say that he actually really likes the way the poster turned out. Of course, now we want to see the original image so we can photoshop a sleeping Tom Holland back into the poster.

Of course, this revelation changes the entire context poster. Previously, we thought Spider-Man was just relaxing and listening to music in this image. As it turns out, he's actually taking a nap. This is probably not the best situation for a costumed superhero to find himself in. Sure, if the bad guys see him they won't realize he;s asleep so maybe he's just hoping they'll run away in fear because if they get too close they might notice Spider-Man is snoring.

All things considered, this is probably the best poster that Spider-Man: Homecoming produced. It doesn't try to do too much, something that many Marvel posters are guilty of, and considering how much of Spider-Man: Homecoming was really about Peter Parker the man, trying to find his place in the world, and less about superhero heroics, it's probably the best representation of the final film. Who knows what we would have been given instead if the photographer hadn't snapped an image of a sleeping Tom Holland.

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