Why San Andreas 2 Hasn't Been Made Yet

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San Andreas was a hit at the box office, pulling in more than its budget domestically and bringing in a total of over $473 million worldwide. The sequel has been memorable enough that it gave a young child the tools to save his brother from drowning, and the recent publicity from that event has given us a reason to think about the 2015 movie again. But will a sequel happen? In a recent interview, San Andreas co-star Alexandra Daddario said she would "bet" on another movie happening, although she notes there is one obstacle that has kept San Andreas 2 from moving forward so far: Dwayne Johnson. According to Daddario,

It's still in the pre-production stage of putting it together. You never know with Dwayne Johnson's schedule. He's a very busy man. But that movie did very well, and it did very well overseas, so I can see them trying to find a slot for it.

If you know anything about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's schedule, you should know he keeps busy. He recently hopped from filming Rampage to filming upcoming flick Skyscraper and in between those projects, he managed to promote the hell out of the new season of HBO's Ballers and the big summer movie Baywatch (which also starred Alexandra Daddario). Oh yeah, and that's not even mentioning The Fate of the Furious, which came out earlier this year, too. He's a busy guy, and getting the gang back together for San Andreas 2 will likely hinge on Dwayne Johnson's schedule, at least according to what Daddario told Collider.

About a year ago, we learned that New Line was planning to make San Andreas 2. At the time of that announcement, we learned that the second movie would probably center again on Dwayne Johnson's character, Raymond Gaines. In addition, we learned at the time that the plan was for Johnson to go up against the Ring of Fire, aka a "ring" that is in the Pacific Ocean and causes a slew of earthquakes and more. Volcanoes also seemed to feature in heavily with this idea. Sounds expensive.

Still, it's the type of movie that has proven to get butts in the seats, so once Dwayne Johnson has an open slot in his schedule, look out for San Andreas 2 to finally get the ball rolling with production. While we wait for that to happen, Dwayne Johnson next has Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle coming up. In addition, Alexandra Daddario can currently be seen in the On Demand movie The Layover. If you have trouble keeping up with all of the stuff The Rock has in the works, we have you covered. You can take a look at our full guide to his upcoming projects.

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