Why An Elisabeth Moss Photo Got Banned At Disneyland

elisabeth moss at disneyland

It's a well-known secret that images sometimes disappear after you ride rides at Disneyland or Disney World because someone is editing those images. After years of dealing with people flashing or throwing up obscene gestures when photos were being snapped on the rides, Disney figured out a way to keep them from popping up on screens to be viewed by the public. However, Elisabeth Moss didn't know this when she and her pals decided to "look tough" when the cameras went off. In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, The Square actress revealed she once had a ride image banned at Disneyland. Here's what happened.

We're like, 'Let's look tough.' ... So I decided a tough thing to do would be to do the middle finger to the camera. And then we got off the ride and we were looking for our photo and the photo wasn't up there. We're like, 'That's so weird.' Then, my brother turns to me and is like, 'Yeah sometimes if somebody does something, you know, naughty like flashes somebody or flicks the middle finger or something they don't put the photo up there.' I had this moment of, 'Do I tell the truth right now or do I just lie?' And then I was like, I think I have to say it.

As Elisabeth Moss told it, she and her friends and family members have a penchant for doing funny things when they are on Disneyland rides. She's not alone in that habit, but she apparently was one of the few Disney superfans to never have heard of Disney's editing policy before going into the parks one day. Per what Moss told Jimmy Fallon, she'd taken silly photos a bunch of other times with nothing happening, but it was her brother that had to clue her in to the editing process when she threw up the middle finger.

This may already be a familiar story for a lot of frequent Disney park-goers out there. You hop on a ride and get off to look at your picture, only to learn some person in a secret room somewhere in the park has gotten rid of the photo. Maybe you, like Elisabeth Moss, flipped off the camera. And maybe it was someone else in your party or someone else in the same ride image who ruined the picture, according to Disney's standards. It may be a tough break if you were hoping to take home a souvenir photo, but there's a reason some people refer to Splash Mountain as Flash Mountain, and Disney felt it needed to do something about it.

If you'd like to learn more about Elisabeth Moss' frequent Disney trips, or see some of the non-censored photos she has taken with friends, you can catch the full Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon video, below.

Doubtless, this isn't a mistake Elisabeth Moss has made again, but it's certainly one that her Handmaid's Tale character Offred would probably approve of. Catch that on Hulu now, and keep an eye out for the actress' upcoming movie The Square.

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