While 2018's Deadpool 2 will once again spotlight the Merc with the Mouth and his fourth wall-breaking shenanigans, the sequel is also opening the door to a new corner of the X-Men universe. Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz will costar as Cable and Domino, respectively, both of whom, like Wade Wilson, have been part of the X-Force in the comics. Following Deadpool 2's release, 20th Century Fox has an X-Force spinoff movie lined up, and it's recently made progress moving forward.

Last week, it was announced that The Martian's Drew Goddard will write and direct the X-Force movie, and it was also reported that Deadpool and Cable will be two of the leads. Presumably we can also expect Domino to return, but that still leaves several open spots on the team, so we've looked through who's been part of the X-Force in the comics over the years and picked those who we think would be a good fit in the movie. Let's start off with a familiar face from earlier this year.


Logan may have served as Hugh Jackman's goodbye to Wolverine, but the movie's breakout star was Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X-23. Actress Dafne Keen did an excellent job channeling the same kind of rage that Jackman did for over 15 years in his X-Men appearances, and director James Mangold has expressed interest in seeing X-23 in future films. X-Force should be one of those films, not only because X-23 has a history with the team in the comics, but this R-rated environment would be better suited for continuing her adventures rather than a normal X-Men movie. For those pointing out that X-23 lives approximately a decade ahead of the present day X-Men universe, let's not forget that with Cable around, it's easy enough to have him travel through time and pick her up so she can participate in the team's mission.


Some mutant abilities are subtler than others. In Forge's case, he is intuitively able to build and fix mechanical devices, making him an excellent resource if you're looking to build an arsenal of gadgets and weapons. In the comics, Forge is primarily associated with the main X-Men team and X-Factor, he did spend some time with the X-Force during the Marvel NOW! period. Including Forge in the X-Force movie is a good way to spotlight a character whose abilities aren't directly useful in battle, but are incredibly valued on the sidelines. No doubt Deadpool and Cable would especially be glad to have him around if it means he can give them better guns.

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