The Pug From Kingsman Showed Up To The Premiere In A Suit, And It Was Glorious

By now, everyone knows the credo made popular by Fox's Kingsman: The Secret Service, "Manners Maketh Man." However, that way of life isn't just limited to humans, as the pug co-star who played Jack Bauer, or JB for short, proved this in spades by showing up dressed to the nines for the Kingsman: The Golden Circle premiere. Take a look for yourself in the photos below:

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Given to Taron Egerton's Eggsy Unwin during his training in Matthew Vaughan's first Kingsman feature, the dog returned for the proceedings in this month's Kingsman: The Golden Circle. So naturally, seeing JB in a replica of Eggsy's orange tuxedo from the would-be blockbuster sequel is something that only further solidifies the image of this animal pal, as well as that of the entire Kingsman brand. That brand will soon be put to the test, as Kingsman: The Golden Circle is about to see how loyal its fan base is.

With a mixed pool of reviews marking this second go-around for Matthew Vaughn's film adaptation of Mark Millar's The Secret Service comic property, Kingsman: The Golden Circle could run into some growing pains with its latest installment. This is especially hard to hear considering how The Golden Circle itself was not only a voluminous beast in its first cut, but also because Vaughn's so amped about this series that he has ideas on where to go in the future. Ambition or not, though, the fans will need to show up for this new movie in order to keep things going, so it helps to have stars like JB launching a full-on charm offensive to lure every pair of eyes he can. Here's a closer look at the canine in his sharp threads.

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And charm is only the beginning of JB's true pug-ish beauty, as he's pretty suave for a four-legged gentleman wearing a beautiful orange plush jacket. Naturally, Twitter has gone nuts for Sir JB's big showing on the orange carpet for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, so don't be surprised if there's a meme that follows if the film manages to land a first place showing at the box office this weekend. In which case maybe there's a future in promoting a line of pet clothing modeled after JB's flashy duds, in both Kingsman and Statesman styles of fashion. Stranger things have happened, and if you're going to make it a night of high fashion, don't your pets deserve the same treatment?

Kingsman: The Golden Circle makes its big debut in early shows tomorrow night. If you're so inclined, you can check out our 2017 and 2018 release schedule guides so you can plan your box office outings, whether they involve well-dressed dogs or not.

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