The Spider-Man: Homecoming Villain Who Could Come Back In Future Marvel Movies

Tom Holland in Spider-Man

Before he's able to return to his solo adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom Holland's Spider-Man will have to contribute to the Avengers' war on Thanos in at least one Avengers movie, and possibly two. But Marvel and Sony have dated a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, meaning plans for a solo Spidey movie are currently in place, somewhere. We combed the new Digital copy of Spider-Man: Homecoming, and found a reveal of a hint of who might be the villain of that feature... or one of the antagonists. In a feature titled Aftermath, Homecoming co-producer Eric Hauserman Carroll had this to say:

Going forward, we're going to have this new expanded view of the universe, We're going to have this new perspective on the MCU. For example, at the end of the film, the Tinkerer is still at large. And of course, he's the guy who actually builds all of this stuff. And he could probably come up again in future movies to give our guy a hard time.

The Tinkerer, as played by Michael Chermus, was the tech-brains behind the operations of Adrian Toomes (Michael Keato), aka The Vulture. Toomes, as you will recall, was stealing alien tech from Damage Control -- a Tony Stark-funded operation that cleaned up the messes caused by the Avengers in movies like The Avengers and Captain America: Civil War. The Tinkerer was the one in Vulture warehouse building all sorts of weapons that led to the creation of supervillains like Vulture and Shocker. Toomes may go to jail at the end of the first movie, but as Carroll points out, Tinkerer remains at large.

The MCU's version of The Tinkerer

Who could The Tinkerer team up with in a future Spider-Man movie? The answer to that probably lies in the mid-credits sequence from Spider-Man: Homecoming. Jon Watts included a scene where Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton), now behind bars, encounters a convict who was on the Staten Island Ferry earlier in the movie, and now has a grudge against Spider-Man. That guy? Mac Gargan (Michael Mando), who Marvel readers know ends up becoming The Scorpion.

This is speculation, but I could see it playing out as such. The Tinkerer held on to plenty of alien tech, and continues making high-tech weapons for the highest bidders. Gargan, who displays an anger towards Spider-Man (and a scorpion tattoo on his person), gets out of jail somehow and tries to exact revenge, having Tinkerer make him a Scorpion exoskeleton that's not unlike Toomes' Vulture suit. It's a foundation on which a Spider-Man sequel could be built.

Right now, the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming has a release date of July 5, 2019. Head over here, though, if you want to know all of the movies that are opening in theaters in 2018.

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