Why Oliver Stone Doesn’t Want To Make A Donald Trump Movie

Donald Trump

Oliver Stone is no stranger to making movies on controversial topics, including controversial U.S. Presidents. So would Stone consider making a movie about Donald Trump? The director says that he hasn't yet contemplated the idea of making such a movie, and while he doesn't discount the idea of making a movie about the current President entirely, he says he certainly doesn't want to make one right now. It seems the major reason is that it's simply too early to make a film like that. As there's still so much that will likely happen for the next few years, any movie that came out now would simply be trying to cash in on current headlines. According to Stone....

I keep getting asked that question. I think it's a little too early. I don't want to chase the news. ... Trump's just starting his first year. We don't want to make a Movie of the Week.

The idea of Oliver Stone making a movie about Donald Trump certainly feels like the sort of thing that could happen, so it's not shocking that Yahoo asked the director about the idea. Stone has never been shy about making movies like Wall Street, which critique business, as well as movies that delve deep into politics, like Nixon. A movie about Donald Trump would surely deal with both ideas, making it seem like the perfect Oliver Stone subject matter.

Oliver Stone has even made movies about Presidents while they were still in office. W. was released in 2008 while George W. Bush was still President. Although, it was released in October of that year, less than a month before Bush's successor was to be elected, and the timeline of the movie ended in 2004, so there were a few years of separation between the material and the present day. At this point, it hasn't even been a full year since Donald Trump's election, which would likely make for an intriguing movie by itself, nevermind the events of the presidency. So much is happening every day with the President of the United States that any movie that tried to go into production would be writing new scenes daily and likely would never reach an endpoint. As Stone says, it would chase the headlines.

While a movie about Donald Trump seems like something that will likely happen one day, controversial topics can make for popular films, after all, it makes much more sense to wait. A few years down the road a movie can tell the whole story, or focus on a specific event of particular importance. It's possible the most important part of the Trump presidency hasn't even happened yet and any movie that was made before that happened would prove to be ultimately worthless.

Dirk Libbey
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