The Hilarious Way People Are Petitioning For Superman's Mustache Footage To Be Released

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The ever-changing development of Justice League has continuously perplexed and intrigued us, but one of the best Justice League stories has nothing to do with the film itself. In fact, it mostly just has to do with a glorious tuft of facial hair on Henry Cavill's upper-lip. The Superman actor's digitally-removed mustache has turned into a hilarious online meme ever since it was revealed that Cavill did not shave between his work on Mission: Impossible 6 and the Justice League reshoots. Now a petition has hit the web calling for Warner Bros. to release the raw footage of the film showing his "porn star mustache," and it's pretty amazing. Check out part of the petition's demands:

While we begrudgingly accept that this step was necessary for the sake of continuity, the fact remains that somewhere in the world there is raw footage of a mustachioed Superman in a $220 million Justice League movie. It is unacceptable that this footage should be hoarded from the general public, when it could do so much good in the world.

This petition comes after many fans have called for the release of Superman's mustache for public consumption. Most of these calls have taken the form of jokes, memes, or fan-made videos, but this particular petition represents one of the strongest pushes to get the raw footage released yet. As of right now, the petition remains open for fans to sign. If you're one of those people who thinks Henry Cavill's mustache deserves to be shown for the world to see, then sign it for yourself and see if Warner Bros. decides to give us what we want!

We really have fallen in love with this entire situation ever since it first unfolded, and you should too. In fact, you can even check out a "fixed" version of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that puts the mustaches front and center.

Of course, despite our excitement and enthusiasm to see the footage of Superman's mustache released online, the decision is entirely up to Warner Bros. Even if this petition gets thousands of signatures, there's nothing legally binding about it. All it really does is tell the studio that a substantial portion of the fanbase actually wants to see it. That said, fans have a way of getting what they want these days, so we will keep our fingers crossed that WB will catch on.

Mustache or no mustache, Henry Cavill will return as Clark Kent when Justice League debuts in theaters later this year on November 17. Tickets for the highly-anticipated DC superhero blockbuster are now officially on-sale as well, so make sure to get yours as soon as possible!

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