Hayley Atwell Just Visited Another Marvel Location

Hayley Atwell hasn't been in a Marvel project since Agent Carter ended on ABC and her character's story really wrapped up in Captain America: Civil War. However, she's been spending quite a bit of time in Marvel locations lately, leading plenty of people to speculate that Peggy Carter could somehow play a role in the currently untitled fourth Avengers movie. The latest evidence? Hayley Atwell has spent some time in Georgia. Check it out.

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Yes, that's a photo taken in Georgia, a state far away from where Hayley Atwell currently resides. It's also a state in which Avengers 4 just so happens to be filming. Although there's no hint of a Marvel moment in this image, Atwell has been at this game for a while. Just a few weeks ago, she shared an image of herself with the tell-tale dots of CGI manipulation. Sure, this could have something to do with the Christopher Robin movie she is a part of, or it could have to do with her aging her face to play Peggy Carter at a certain point in her life.

That's not the first time that Hayley Atwell teased a Marvel return, either. A couple of months ago, the actress even took a photo at Marvel. She may have been visiting for the day while locking down the deal with Disney to join Christopher Robin. Or perhaps she was in talks to appear in another Marvel flick? Jury's still out.

Another reveal also indicated that Avengers 4 was casting individuals to be a part of a scene set in the 1960s with "secretaries" and "engineers." Although that's also a little vague, that also had people speculating that Peggy Carter could appear in another Marvel film via a flashback. It's likely to be some time before we find out. While Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 are shooting back-to-back, we won't be seeing the third Avengers film in theaters until next year. The fourth movie won't hit theaters until 2019.

As for fans, the idea that Peggy Carter could come back in some capacity is a pretty fun one. Although Carter's ABC series didn't pan out, a lot of people really liked the characters and the idea of seeing Carter work for Howard Stark. Plenty of fans were upset when Agent Carter was cancelled, and Hayley Atwell has dreamed up ideas of TV specials and solo movies that the character could eventually go on to do. Clearly, she's keen to keep up with Peggy Carter, and we can probably assume she'd say yes to any appearance Marvel presented to her.

Granted, that doesn't officially mean we can expect to see Peggy Carter in the fourth Avengers movie. However, it certainly means that we are going to keep our eyes peeled for more potential sightings and teases. In the meantime, if you'd like to find out what's going on with The Avengers: Infinity War, you can take a look at what we know.

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