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Fans all over the world are excited to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but it's possible nobody is as excited as Rian Johnson was making the film. A new video shows us a bit of the director behind the scenes shooting the new film. We get to see several members of the cast and crew putting The Last Jedi together, having fun, and mostly talking about how great Rian Johnson is, while Johnson talks about how amazing it is to be making a Star Wars movie. Check it out.

The video opens with Rian Johnson talking about standing on the Millenium Falcon for the first time and getting a lump in his throat. It's a refrain we heard from those who were part of making Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well. Star Wars movies are now being made by those who grew up with the franchise from childhood, so there are some deeply ingrained memories for many of the people involved.

Everybody from Daisy Ridley to Mark Hamill has great things to say about Rian Johnson and the direction that he's taking the story of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. While we, of course, have little idea as to the specifics of what they're talking about, Johnson has spoken about his desire to put all of the characters through the ringer emotionally, which should make for some solid drama.

Of course, of all the comments made about Rian Johnson, the best comes from Carrie Fisher. She says that Johnson "has flaws in other areas." With her unique wit, she assumes that Rian Johnson can't possibly be perfect, she just doesn't know what's wrong with him. Of course, the part of her statement that seems to have preceded this one is that Fisher says Johnson has no faults as a director. That's pretty high praise from a woman who was known for saying exactly what she thought pretty much all of the time.

This video is giving me goosebumps more so than the trailers have done so far. There's a clear passion for the material coming from Rian Johnson and so fans will almost certainly be attracted to another fan who is living a dream by bringing new Star Wars to the screen. We do get to see a number of brief moments and sets from the film, though because they're all pre-CGI, most of what we see doesn't make a lot of sense on its own.

We'll all get to see the result of Rian Johnson's work when Star Wars: The Last Jedi finally arrives in theaters on December 15.

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