How Susan Sarandon Got Involved In A Bad Moms Christmas

Susan Sarandon in Bad Moms Christmas

If there's one new comedy franchise that has some serious legs, it's Bad Moms. The first film was met with critical acclaim and made a ton of money last year, and a holiday themed sequel is just a few days away (in addition to the Bad Dads spinoff that is in development). A Bad Moms Christmas brings back the three titular Moms, who decide to do Christmas their own way this year, rather than the stress and craziness that's usually expected of them. But a wrench get thrown into their plan when each of their respective mothers showed up for the Holiday, and bring a new set of issues and hijinks. One of the newcomers is none other than Susan Sarandon, who plays the mother of Carla (Kathryn Hahn). But what inspired the Oscar winning actress to join the wild sequel?

We recently had the chance to ask Susan Sarandon just that. At the recent press junket for A Bad Moms Christmas in Chicago, she opened up about what inspired her to get involved in the budding franchise.

I certainly didn't know about it until they approached me, and Kathryn Hahn wrote a very flattering 'kiss my ass' kind of letter, which I immediately fell for. And I'm a huge fan of hers. And I knew the guys knew what they were doing. And I am also just a fan of everyone else's work too. So It seemed like it would really be kickass fun. And, you know, if it didn't work it didn't work. But that it would be a very interesting something to surrender to. Because when you get in a project where everybody is very professional, and especially all women that was pretty unusual, and that you know are good with this particular genre then it's really just fun. And I was looking to have a good time, really.

It turns out that Kathryn Hahn was at least partly responsible for scooping up Susan Sarandon to play Carla's mother. Sarandon's apparent love for Hahn's sense of humor also seems to be translating into A Bad Moms Christmas. The duo plays the most unconventional characters in the ensemble, with foul-mouthed jokes and a penchant for stealing groceries.

But Susan Sarandon's involvement in A Bad Moms Christmas is also explained by how fun the franchise is for both the audience and cast. Both Bad Moms movies manage to find the crudeness and shock humor in relatable themes like parenthood and family. Additionally, the franchise seems to be a place for improvisation, in addition to the hilarious lines that are on the page. Sarandon wanted to have some fun, and playing Carla's mother sounds like just that, especially alongside other Bad Grandmas Christine Baranski and Cheryl Hines.

You can check out my conversation with Susan Sarandon about A Bad Moms Christmas below.

A Bad Moms Christmas is in theaters now. Be sure to check out our 2018 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

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