See Three Little Girls Adorably Dressed As Hidden Figures Characters

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to pay homage to people you admire and respect. Sometimes that's a superhero, and sometimes that may be more of a real-life hero or heroine, like the ladies in 2016's Hidden Figures. Some girls have dressed up as Katherine Goble, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan this year, and the result is a pretty fitting tribute. Check the Halloween Hidden Figures costumes out!

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The three young ladies are dressed up in gear befitting the period, complete with cool sixties prints and cat-eye glasses. Just in case you mixed them up with any old ladies from the 1960s, the sharply dressed girl in the front of Zellie Imani's post is carrying a copy of Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of Black Women Who Helped Win the Space Race, written by Margot Lee Shetterly. The book was the basis for the biographical drama film starring Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae and Octavia Spencer.

Around this time every year, it's pretty common to see young people dressed as Disney characters and other pop culture icons. The top kids Halloween costumes this year included, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, the Power Rangers, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, a Transformers costume, a tootsie roll (random), Moana, a Halo Spartan and more. What a lot of these characters have in common is that they are all important to pop culture, in a very fictional sense. Sure, the ladies in Hidden Figures came to light similar to a character like Moana thanks to being on the big screen, but in this case, the characters are based on real people who contributed a lot in order to help John Glenn make it into space.

For reference, take a look at the overall style of the ladies in the movie.

This year we've already seen some celebrities get into the holiday spirit, as Kristen Bell (unhappily) dressed up in Elsa's costume from Frozen. Gwyneth Paltrow similarly looked at movies for a costume idea this year, and ended up going as her character from the film Se7en. And basketball player LeBron James decided to dress up as Pennywise from IT, which is all kinds of scary, considering how huge the basketball player is. None of these costumes are quite as adorable as the girls that went all out with their Hidden Figures looks, but it's honestly pretty hard to top cute kids.

Halloween is really just getting started this afternoon, and we'll be sure to let you know if any other individuals shoot out some epic costumes on this holiday of holidays. For now, you can see what's coming up with our full movies schedule.

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