Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg Had A Real Daddy's Home 2 Moment When Their Kids Started Talking

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell in Daddy's Home 2

Although Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg's characters managed to resolve most of their issues in the first Daddy's Home movie, they'll still have some disagreements in Daddy's Home 2. As for the actors themselves, Ferrell and Wahlberg seem like they get along just fine off-camera, but recently Wahlberg talked about an instance where his daughter and Ferrell's son were in communication. That's when Wahlberg's dad instincts kicked into overdrive. As Wahlberg recalled:

[Will Ferrell's] got a boy that I guess was at some point in contact with my daughter...At first I was really upset, but then I was thinking, 'I know Will, I know his wife, they're so sweet if I ever had to have my daughter involved with somebody, then who better?' But still, I would probably still end up killing Will.

Now there's an idea that could be used for Daddy's Home 3. A more conventional sequel that follows up on these characters when their children are now teenagers, the fathers are once again in conflict because their kids are dating. Hell, even if a hypothetical Daddy's Home 3 doesn't want to use that plot, it could work for another Ferrell/Wahlberg comedy. These two look like they had plenty of fun together while working on the Daddy's Home movies and The Other Guys, so if they're keen on having art exaggerate life, then maybe this idea is worth exploring in a different kind of movie. As for real life, Wahlberg vs. Ferrell would make for an interesting celebrity brawl, but one can imagine Wahlberg will keep it together rather than charge at his co-star.

Later during Mark Wahlberg's appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan (via Us Magazine), the actor elaborated on going into "dad mode," saying he's understandably concerned about the boys his daughter will be spending time with. As he put it:

My whole thing was, it's inevitable, at some point, [dating is] going to happen. I want to know who she's going to be hanging out with, what his parents are like, and all that stuff.

While Daddy's Home focused on the feud between Will Ferrell's Brad Whitaker and Mark Wahlberg's Dusty Mayron over how the latter's kids were being raised while under Brad and his ex-wife Sara's (played by Linda Cardellini) roof, Daddy's Home 2 is bringing another generation to the mix with the addition of John Lithgow as Don Whitaker and Mel Gibson as Kurt Mayron. On top of Ferrell and Wahlberg's characters dealing with their respective fathers getting up in their business while visiting for the holidays, they'll also face trouble from Dusty Mayron's step-daughter's biological father (played by John Cena). Take a look at the latest trailer below for a taste of what the sequel has in store.

Daddy's Home 2 hits theater tomorrow. As for what else is coming out for the remainder of this year and into next year, browse through our 2017 premiere guide and 2018 premiere guide.

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