Tyrese Gibson Has Apologized For Public Meltdowns, Including Fast And Furious Rants

Tyrese Gibson will be back for Fast and Furious 9

Tyrese Gibson has been going through a rough time in both his personal and professional life, as a custody case over his daughter Shayla has grown heated and simultaneously Gibson's The Fate of the Furious follow-up has been pushed back by a year. Recently, he's used social media as a means to explain why he has been really upset out about both of these subjects. Now, he's back on social media to apologize for how he has lashed out over the past few months, also explaining that it was medication he was taking that made him behave the way he did. He noted,

A lot of people were effected by what these meds did to me over these last 2 months and this is my public apology a few I will make personally. I'm so very sorry guys - please guys just know again this is not the singer, actor this is Shayla's father... This will NOT compromise my case...This is transparency and honesty and more of a suggestion, please seek professional opinions when it comes to drugs especially psychiatric meds. We all need to be still and preset in the Lord and he will deal with our fights and realities.

Tyrese Gibson recently explained that he is sorry for the behavior he has exhibited over the past few months. In addition, he mentions that he hopes coming forward to explain his issues will put his fans at ease. Over the last few months he's gotten emotional on social media about his court case, but the news that really went viral was him taking shots at his Fast and Furious co-star Dwayne Johnson on numerous occasions. He also has said he's been unhappy with the way his movie, the currently untitled ninth flick in the franchise, got pushed back to make room for the spinoff starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. At one point he even threatened to quit the series.

Reports have since indicated that the date changes may have occurred to accommodate Justin Lin's big return to the franchise for the next Fast movie.

In the lengthy Instagram post, Tyrese Gibson also explained that what happened will not affect his behavior moving forward, and that it took a long time for his doctors to figure out how to get him back to his usual self.

I want you guys to know that to this day I don't drink, smoke or on any level do I do drugs......... because of this high stress and very traumatic experience I was advised then ultimately connected with multiple therapist and psychiatrist I had a few private meetings and this particular drug that was suggested although maybe helpful to others had an adverse effect on me and this is the reason I had a complete meltdown online. I'm in the clear now, this is being flushed out of my system and I'm ready to get back to 100% - please don't chalk this up as 'oversharing.'

Tyrese Gibson closed his post by sending love and prayers. Regardless of what happened to induce all or some of his rants, hopefully, this will mark a turning point in the actor's social media feeds. We'll let you know if any more beef does occur between Johnson and Gibson, however. Hopefully, bygones will be bygones. If not, Fast and Furious 9 is going to be really awkward to shoot.

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