Watch Gal Gadot Sing About Her Wonder Woman Boobs

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Working on a movie like Wonder Woman takes a lot of time and hard work. The finished product, in Wonder Woman's case, has seemed to pan out. The movie is on its way to hitting the half billion mark at the worldwide box office and has been successful critically, as well. Regardless, a few criticisms of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman character, including her boobs and armpit hair, have persisted on some corners of the Internet. Luckily, you can now what Gal Gadot take on the criticisms head on, and do so in song form. Her response is a must-watch sing-a-long, and you can check it out, below.

If you haven't been charmed by Gal Gadot at any point during her weeks-long press tour, this may be the moment where she completely wins you over. Not only does the Wonder Woman actress unabashedly sing about her boobs not being "enough," she gets some back-up from Chris Pine, who jokes her song is actually a single in Japan right now.

Getting back to Gadot, the actress didn't even know there had been an armpit hair controversy until she was told in the Zoomin. TV interview, but she was aware of the comments that her chest isn't as busty as the traditional comics Wonder Woman or the Wonder Woman played by Linda Carter. She does has some thoughts for all the haters though:

I think it's all bullshit. And I think it all has absolutely nothing to do with the character. It's not relevant and the people who do it, like seriously, do something good. If you have time, do something good with it.

If you aren't up with what happened prior to Wonder Woman's release, there were some grumbling about the shape of her body way back when we got the first look at the character in Batman V Superman and in the time after. While a lot of people were impressed by the character during her entry into the DCEU, it didn't stop some people from complaining about her other characteristics, including her lack of armpit hair. The general idea being that women on Themyscira probably wouldn't have shaved, I think. Even I had trouble following that argument.

Gal Gadot has been open about her smaller chest in interviews, and other Wonder Woman Linda Carter has been frank in her responses related to the iconic character's chest in recent weeks, so she totally seems to have Gal Gadot's back, as well here. But there's probably not going to be a response that's funnier than Gadot singing about the size of her breasts.

You can catch Gal Gadot in all of her Wonder Woman glory in theaters, now, and learn more about the movie, here.

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