Watch Chewbacca Smack A Porg In The Latest Star Wars: The Last Footage

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is still a few weeks from arriving in theaters, but one of the elements the movie is introducing to a galaxy far, far away has already been the talk of the town for months. Porgs are the latest cute aliens to arrive on the scene, and while it doesn't look like they'll bear any importance to The Last Jedi's main plot, many Star Wars fans have reacted positively to their inclusion. Nevertheless, there are some out there who aren't too keen on the Porgs, and in the latest TV spot for The Last Jedi, we can count Chewbacca among that bunch, as he smacks aside the Porg hanging out with him on the Millennium Falcon without hesitation.

Standard disclaimer: CinemaBlend does not endorse the mistreatment of Porgs. Okay, with that out of the way, let's look at this from Chewbacca's perspective. He's piloting the Millennium Falcon, and from the way this Star Wars preview and the October trailer was cut, he has several TIE Fighters on his tail. Avoiding being blasted into smithereens is hard enough already, but when you have a Porg on the console screeching its head off, that's not conducive for good flying. So while we certainly aren't advocating for violence against Porgs, we also don't blame Chewie for brushing aside his puffin-like companion so that he can concentrate on making sure they don't die. Besides, it's not like that Porg will suffer permanent injury.

This latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi TV spot includes a sprinkling of other moments, like Luke Skywalker stepping back onto the Millennium Falcon after who knows how long, Finn driving a speeder during the Crait battle and Captain Phasma greeting someone (possibly Finn) with a sinister, "So good to have you back." But Chewbacca's dismissal of the Porg who's joined him on the Millennium Falcom is unquestionably the highlight. While Porgs won't be the only fascinating creatures introduced to the Star Wars mythos, they do join the Ewoks as one of the most adorable critters in this franchise. Located on Ahch-To (which is also the home of the Caretakers), Porgs will be hanging around while Luke Skywalker is training Rey, but at least one of them will separate from the pack to hang around with our favorite Wookie. There's no word yet on if that one will become a permanent resident aboard the Millennium Falcon. One final note: while the Porgs are indeed adorable, that's something they grow into, as you can see when looking at them as infants.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens on December 15. For those of you wanting to plan your trips to the theater over the next year accordingly, release date information is available in our 2017 premiere guide and 2018 premiere guide.

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