The following contains minor spoilers for Coco. You may want to go looking for your own easter eggs first, then come back and compare notes.

Pixar movies are always full of fun easter eggs and references and their newest film, Coco is no different. The land of the dead is loaded with interesting things to see, and that includes numerous references to other Pixar films as well as Mexican history. We found all the classic Pixar easter eggs, as well as a few other references you may not have noticed. Here are 11 items we saw. Let us know if you noticed any others.

Pizza Planet Truck

The Pizza Planet Truck first appeared in the original Toy Story, and has been a regular occurrence in every Pixar movie ever since. In Coco, the truck is briefly visible near the very beginning of the film. Miguel opens a window to look outside and the truck drives right by in front of him. It's moving at a high speed, so it's difficult to tell what it is, but Pixar veterans who are used to looking for it will almost certainly be able to recognize the yellow delivery truck as it flies past. Apparently, it really is a pizza planet if the chain exists in multiple countries.

Nemo Alebrije

In Coco, alebrijes are strange creatures that combine multiple animals together and act as spirit guides in the land of the dead. While that's not a traditional part of Day of the Dead folklore, as the creations are only a few decades old, they are significant to the Mexican people, and they make their film debut in their traditional use, as small figurines carved and sold by the people. We see a table full of them early in the film, and while most are too small to really see, there is one on the table which is clearly colored like a clownfish, a reference to Pixar's Finding Nemo.

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