One Actor Really Thinks Power Rangers 2 Could Still Happen

Power Rangers Dacre Montgomery Jason's wistful stare

The question of whether or not a sequel to Lionsgate's Power Rangers film will be produced has been one that's popped up more than once since the film's release in March. While we still don't have a concrete answer, there are some that have hope for at least one more go-round with the Rangers and their Dinozords. Dacre Montgomery, aka the Red Ranger, is one of those folks that really thinks a Power Rangers 2 could happen, as he explains.

I think that cast, we're like family --- we have a little group chat --- we all would love to do a sequel. I know we'd all be there in a heartbeat and if something does come through the woodwork, which I'm not suggesting it wouldn't --- I actually don't think it's out of sight, but if it does, we'd be very excited to do a sequel.

When it comes to the future of Power Rangers, Dacre Montgomery and his co-stars truly believe in their potential franchise. It's totally understandable how the Ranger crew would obviously want to reunite, as their chemistry really showed in that first film. Not to mention, this Power Rangers movie was just fun to begin with, showing a lot of promise for where the series could go, should Lionsgate and Saban move forward with future installments. Unfortunately, when you looking at the actual numbers from the film's box office run, the path to success becomes a bit harder to see.

Made on a $100 million production budget, Power Rangers only managed to gross roughly $142 million at the box office. Not accounting for expenses like print and advertising, that's not exactly a runaway hit at the movies. Even in the face of such odds, Dacre Montgomery isn't alone with the glimmer of hope that he's expressed for a Power Rangers sequel. As recent rumblings surrounding a presumably lost trademark have indicated, there's still an optimism expressed by representatives of the franchise that we may see more villainous battles in Angel Grove.

Whether or not the odds are in the favor of another Power Rangers film at this moment, the fact that Montgomery is still hyped about possibly reprising his role as Jason the Red Ranger is genuine. For someone who could very easily be talking up his memorable role as the town jerk Billy Hargrove on Netflix's Stranger Things, Dacre Montgomery's comments to The Wrap show some true conviction for the franchise. While we wouldn't wish any sort of planetary emergency on ourselves without reason, it'd be nice to see a threat come around that required the Power Rangers to suit up and fight for the planet on the big screen one more time.

Power Rangers is currently available on Digital HD, Blu-ray, and DVD; but if you're looking for some theatrical excitement to close out the year in style, head over to our 2017 release schedule.

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