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Celebrity memes are outstanding. But do you know what makes a good meme even better? When the celebrity who is indirectly involved in a meme embraces it, and takes it to another level. Paris Hilton using Mean Girls quotes on her social media channels. Keanu Reeves acting sad while sitting near people. And now, to add to the pile we bring you Terrence Howard -- he of Empire and Hustle & Flow -- using his "Mayne" meme on his own Twitter feed.

Let me back up and catch y'all up on this slang-based gag. In Hustle & Flow, Terrence Howard got some love for the way that he said the word "man." It was more like "mayne." It even inspired a drinking game, though if you played it, you might have died from liver failure.

A few days ago, an Internet meme was born when people started pasting Terrence Howard's face onto popular movie and television characters, reviving the use of "Mayne" in the funniest ways possible. Keeping it in the Marvel family (which is mean, considering Howard was the original War Machine), we men Ant-Mayne:

Given the fact that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is on its way to theaters, we got Jedi Mayne:

And probably my favorite, a nod to the mature side of the DC Extended Universe:

Believe me when I tell you that these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to clever ways that the Internet worked Terrence Howard's Hustle & Flow character into pop culture references. And it's really funny that T-Ho has recognized it, added his own recommendations into which ones he'd like to see used, and shuffled off. But before he left, he dropped this very sweet one on his fans. Winner!

Now excuse me, mayne. I need to go ask some pimps if it's still hard out here.