It's Looking Even More Likely We'll See Gwen Stacy In The Next Spider-Man Movie

Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man comics

Spider-Man: Homecoming included many notable members from Peter Parker's supporting cast, like Aunt May to Flash Thompson. However, one of the more famous characters who was left out of the Web-Slinger's first standalone Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure was Gwen Stacy, one of Peter's main love interests from the comics. However, it was recently reported that Gwen will make her MCU debut in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, and a new audition tape has surfaced that seems to strengthen this.

At least one Gwen Stacy audition video was already floating around the interwebs, but a new one comes from Vimeo user Iris Haller, whose scenes include Gwen speaking with Peter Parker (as can be discerned by her offering condolences about a certain uncle) and speaking with her father, police officer George Stacy about her romantic struggles. The video clearly sets up that if Gwen does indeed appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, not only will she be one of Peter's high school classmates, but she's also known him for a while, as opposed to them having just met. This begs the question of why she wasn't in Spider-Man: Homecoming, though it's possible that Peter and Gwen knew each other when they were younger, she moved away and now she's back in town.

However, according to the information from earlier this month, the MCU's Gwen is being envisioned as a foreign exchange student from a European country, which strongly clashes with the new video. It's possible that Iris Haller is merely acting out a Gwen closer to her depiction in the comics, but in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, the character will be the newcomer as previously described. Either way, Gwen has been a longtime favorite in the Spider-Man mythos, so it will be interesting to see whether or not sparks will fly between her and Peter, as it often the norm, if she shows up in the Wall-Crawler's sequel.

Gwen Stacy was first played on the big screen by Bryce Dallas Howard in Spider-Man 3. This version of the character was one of Peter's classmates at university, and after rescuing Gwen early in the movie, he later went on a date with her after he and Mary Jane Watson split up. Five years later, Gwen took on a more prominent role in the Amazing Spider-Man series, where she was played by Emma Stone. Although these became romantically involved, like her comic book counterpart, Gwen met a tragic demise in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at the hands of the Green Goblin, only this time it was Harry Osborn in that guise rather than his father, Norman.

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 swings into theaters on July 5, 2019, but you can see Spidey and a few members of his supporting cast sooner than that when Avengers: Infinity War drops on May 4, 2018. Don't forget to look through our Marvel movies guide to see what else this franchise has coming up.

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