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Noted Golden Girls Fan Deadpool Has A Special Birthday Wish For Betty White

Everybody loves Betty White, but it's possible nobody loves any member of the Golden Girls cast quite as much as Deadpool. In celebration of the actresses 96th birthday, the merc with a mouth sent her a very special message. In a new social media post, Deadpool celebrates White, and two of her favorite things, hot dogs and vodka, or as he puts it, "tinis and weenies." Check out the image below.

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While most of Deadpool's love of the Golden Girls seems to be reserved for Bea Arthur, his swords are named for her, after all, he really loves everything about the 80s sitcom, and that means Betty White as well. Yesterday the actress celebrated a major birthday, and Deadpool was there to congratulate her on the achievement. It's a great image because for some reason, seeing Deadpool with a martini in one hand and a hot dog in the other, being held like a candy bar like nobody does, actually looks perfectly normal. It's like what you would expect to see from him.

If anything, Betty White has only become more famous in recent years. She's made something of a new career simply out of being Betty White and saying and doing pretty much whatever she likes. It's no wonder that both Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool are fans. Reynolds actually worked with her previously on the film The Proposal where White played the grandmother to Reynolds' character. While the two haven't worked together on a film in years, White did put out a fairly glowing, and profanity-filled, review of the first Deadpool movie, so the love obviously goes both ways here.

While what we've seen of the upcoming Deadpool 2 is fairly limited so far, we can expect lots of great Golden Girls related jokes just like we got the first time around. The character's obsession with the sitcom starring elderly women actually goes back to the comics and is just one of the quirks that make the character so unlike other comic book superheroes. If we're really lucky, maybe we'll get a Betty White cameo in the sequel. It's not the craziest thing the movie could do.

Deadpool 2 recently saw it's release date moved up to May 18 from its original June date, meaning we're only four months away from the highly anticipated sequel. Hopefully, we'll get to hear Betty White's thought on the new movie as well. It's the least she can do after the nice birthday message.

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