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Jaden Smith Wants To Be In Avatar 2, Claims His Sister Willow Speaks Na'vi

Even if you have a cursory awareness of Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith, you probably know that he is, well... different. The young actor is known for dressing ridiculously and saying confusing, nonsensical things. But that hasn't dulled his fame or parentage, and thus he still works on a variety of projects. One opportunity that he would love to have, though, is to work with director James Cameron on Avatar 2. Listen to him talking about his desire to collaborate with James Cameron, as well as his sister's Na'vi linguistic skills, below:

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Hey, who doesn't want to work with James Cameron? He may be a legendarily terrifying director on set, but he has created some of the most successful films of all time. Avatar 2 might be taking forever, but you can never underestimate James Cameron, and given the original movie's performance, there is every chance that the sequel will be a massive hit. But Jaden Smith's comments to Variety that his sister speaks Na'vi as reasoning he should work with the director, are just fantastic. Your run of the mill person who constantly says weird stuff might have said that they themselves speak Na'vi in this situation, but not Jaden Smith. Jaden Smith cites that his sister speaks Na'vi, which, even if it is true, is of questionable benefit to him should he be in the film.

Mentioning Willow Smith's fluency in a fake alien language is hilariously irrelevant. That's like saying "My mother in law has big hairy feet, can I be in the next Hobbit movie?" Or like saying "A guy I know has read the Harry Potter books three times, can I be in Fantastic Beasts 2?" Oh Jaden Smith, don't ever change. It would be kind of neat though if Willow Smith was actually fluent in Na'vi, and with her and Jaden cut from the same cloth, it is certainly possible. I can't imagine the fluency rate is very high. Avatar remains the highest-grossing movie of all time, but it hasn't exactly had a major pop culture presence in the years since. Plus, who would she even speak to? Her brother speaks an abstract and rare form of English, but apparently not Na'vi, so the practicality and applicability of such a skill is somewhat limited. This also raises the question of how many people speak a fictional language worldwide. I figure Na'vi must be near the bottom of total speakers, certainly below Klingon and Elvish, but possibly ahead of Dothraki.

I don't know if James Cameron will have a spot for Jaden Smith in Avatar 2. The director is already hard at work on the sequel, and there will be a huge cast of new and returning faces for the journey back to Pandora. But with the possibility of up to five Avatar sequels on the horizon and new amazing alien worlds to explore, maybe Jaden Smith's pitch will not fall on deaf ears. Avatar 2 is currently scheduled to hit theaters on December 18, 2020. For movies coming out a little sooner, check out our 2018 release schedule.

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