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New Rampage TV Spot Features Dwayne Johnson Facing Off Against A Flying Wolf And More

Sure, Dwayne Johnson is currently riding high off of the late 2017 blockbuster release of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, but it looks like The Rock is cooking up something potentially even bigger for 2018. Rampage is set to debut in a few months, and the long-awaited adaptation of the classic 1980s video game looks like it's going to be one of Johnson's biggest action adventures to date. In fact, a new TV spot for Rampage has just dropped online, and it even features its muscle-bound star facing off against a giant, flying wolf. You read that correctly. A giant, flying wolf. Check out the TV spot to see all of the chaos and carnage for yourself.

Just when we thought director Brad Peyton's work on San Andreas was big, it looks like Rampage may dial the insanity up even further. At its core, the film focuses its story on badass animal expert Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) and Dr. Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris) as they try to get to the bottom of a bizarre genetic experiment that has turned a friendly ape named George into a giant monster. Along the way, they find themselves facing off with a mysterious government agency as other enormous (and seemingly far more malevolent) creatures appear and threaten to level an entire city. It's during that city-leveling showdown that we see the wolf (named Ralph) spread his wings in front of an awe-struck Okoye.

Tonally speaking, it looks like most people involved with the film understand that seriousness should be left at the door. Dwayne Johnson brings his typical macho gravitas to the TV spot as he chokes out henchmen, but it's also worth pointing out that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks like he's having a ball chewing the scenery, and the CGI work on the giant alligator and the giant wolf (who, again, can fly) looks great. If nothing else, we can pretty much guarantee that this summer season is going to open big and loud.

There's quite a bit to potentially get excited about with Rampage about to debut in theaters. The Rock remains one of the film industry's most bankable stars, so it's easy to imagine that his built-in fanbase may turn out to see the film. Beyond that, however, there's also the fact that Rampage is a video game adaptation that doesn't have much required story to adapt. Unlike something like Tomb Raider or Assassin's Creed, there's very little in-depth mythology to bring to life, which means the film has a relatively large amount of freedom to build its own story. As this TV spot has shown us, the film has done just that by constructing a relationship between Davis Okoye and George.

Rampage will rampage its way into theaters later this year on April 20. Mark The Rock's next potential blockbuster down on your calendars, and also take a moment to hop over to our 2018 premiere guide to get more release dates for all of the year's biggest movies.

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