Fans Can’t Stop Editing Silly Music Over Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Biggest Fight Scene, And It’s Awesome

One of the coolest things about Star Wars is the way in which fans take ownership of the saga. Between edits of the old movies, to brand new fan films and replicas of iconic ships like the Millennium Falcon, there's no shortage of ways to pay homage. With the release of Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it looks like that has not slowed down one bit. In fact, some fans are now editing popular hit songs over the badass Praetorian Guard lightsaber duel from The Last Jedi, and it is damn-near perfect. Check out an example using "Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra, below.

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Now, we are not necessarily saying that using ELO in Star Wars: The Last Jedi is actually better than the score composed by the legendary John Williams. Having said that, it is definitely an interesting take on a scene that has already become beloved by many fans. Star Wars has never canonically used popular music in its films (and likely never will, as that's more of a Marvel Cinematic Universe move), but "Mr. Blue Sky" is definitely a strong choice if the folks at Lucasfilm ever decide to make that massive change to the franchise.

However, that is far from the only awesome song that seems to work for this badass lightsaber duel from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Next on our list of awesome clips is a video incorporating "Toxic" by Brittany Spears into the sequence.

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Third on deck, for those of you with a bit of an emo streak, we have an edit of the scene that uses "I'm Not Okay" by My Chemical Romance to frame its action.

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And finally, we have one that's a personal favorite of this writer: the Praetorian Guard fight set to "All The Small Things" by Blink-182. Check out the clip, below.

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Of course, if you want to check out the original version of the scene with the score done by John Williams (who received an Academy Award nomination for his work), Star Wars: The Last Jedi is still in theaters. Check out CinemaBlend's in-depth review of the film, and stay tuned for more awesome updates related to all of 2018's biggest theatrical releases!

Speaking of which, there's still plenty more Star Wars left on the horizon this year, as Solo: A Star Wars Story is currently gearing up to hit theaters later this year on May 25th.

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