One Very Important Thing Missing In The Venom Trailer

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This morning was a very exciting one for hardcore Spider-Man fans. After slowly hearing information over the past few months, the first trailer for Sony's Venom is finally here. The tense, albeit vague, trailer set up the world of Eddie Brock, and it looks nothing like the big comic book blockbusters we've come accustomed to. But there's one aspect of the Venom trailer that is noticeably lacking: any actual footage of Venom. While we were given plenty of shots of Tom Hardy being his badass self, his symbiote identity didn't show up at all. Now the question is: why would the studio do that?

Excitement over the Venom movie has been dwarfed by how the public knows very little about the upcoming blockbuster. While the impressive cast has been coming together, audiences aren't privy to what the film will be about, how much Venom to expect, or if there will be any other Spider-Man characters popping up throughout its runtime. And while Marvel fans woke up to the first trailer this morning, none of our questions were answered.

Venom isn't set to arrive until October, so there is still quite a bit of work to be done before the project is anything close to finished. Perhaps the continued work on the visual effects and Venom's appearance have gotten in the way of including proper footage in the first Venom trailer. All eyes are on what the villain turned anti-hero will look like, as Venom has never gotten a proper live screen adaptation (I'm choosing to ignore that business in Spider-Man 3). If the look isn't right, Sony wouldn't want to reveal an inaccurate first look at the character.

Indeed, the trailer for Venom doesn't even mention the character or the title itself. The spot ends with simply "V", purposefully leaving Tom Hardy's character out. While fans may be disappointed to not get a glimpse at Venom, at least things seem to be consistent.

While Venom didn't pop up in the film's trailer, some symbiote itself did. Around one minute into the trailer, Riz Ahmed's Dr. Carlton Drake is shown procuring a black liquid from some shady lab people. It's this living substance that will eventually cling to the body of Eddie Brock, and transform him into Venom. There's also a possibility that this tube wasn't meant for Eddie, and could instead transform another character into the villain Carnage. Carnage has been rumored to popping up in the film, so it would stand to reason. Unfortunately, this is all just speculation for the time being.

As a reminder, check out the brief trailer below.

Tom Hardy's Venom will arrive in theaters October 5th, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your other trips to the movies this year.

Corey Chichizola
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