How Marvel’s Kevin Feige Feels About Captain Marvel Spoilers

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Comic book movies and spoilers go hand in hand these days. With so much anticipation for every single Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster, there's bound to be people online who try to dissect every leak and possible reveal. That is exactly what happened when an unofficial picture of Brie Larson on the set of Captain Marvel surfaced online. Now Kevin Feige has responded to the leak, and he does not seem concerned; he trusts audiences to figure out the context of the picture for themselves. In response to the leak, Feige said:

If you want to film out in public -- and Captain Marvel has a lot of scenes that will be shot on location --- it's gonna happen. Everything is filmed [by paparazzi] nowadays, so years ago, we decided, 'If it's gonna happen, let it happen.' Most people are savvy enough to know they're looking at a behind-the-scenes photo, completely out of context. So we don't do things like rush photos. We released some concept art of her with different colors. People online have correctly identified what's going on there.

He's not wrong in his assessment of the situation. Kevin Feige seems to understand that Marvel Studios can't control where the paparazzi go in their quest for behind-the-scenes photos, so all they can do is work around that obstacle. The studio does what it can to withhold spoilers on a closed set by using fake scripts and keeping people on a need-to-know basis. But if an out-of-context photo of a hero leaks online, Feige has faith in fans to figure out the true meaning of the image in question.

Speaking of the photo itself, Kevin Feige's comments to Vulture suggest that fans have already gotten to the bottom of the shot's true nature. In the face of the backlash against how bizarre the suit initially looked to some casual fans, Feige believes the more knowledgeable Marvel aficionados were able to deduce the suit's true nature. Feige does not explicitly confirm what that means, but it seems highly likely that the theory of the suit being a prototype in honor of Mar-Vell (played by Jude Law in the film) will end up being the reason why it is green, and different from the traditional comic book suit.

After all, Marvel already showcased concept art of Brie Larson's Captain Marvel suit, and it looked far more in-line with the classic Carol Danvers outfit. However, we will get a chance to properly see the costume in action when Captain Marvel premieres in theaters next year on March 8.

As for this year, make sure to check out Ryan Coogler's Black Panther -- which is currently in theaters and making insane money -- and check out the next major Marvel ensemble when Avengers: Infinity War premieres in theaters on May 4.

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