March is here, and with promises of spring weather, ever lighter days and Easter eggs around the corner, we get our usual batch of new films and TV shows that are debuting on Netflix's streaming platform. Out of the multitude of choices heading our way in the next calendar month, there's a select handful that really look to brighten our day. If you want to see the best and the brightest of this past month's incoming class, you can find them in our previous rundown. But today we cast our eyes to the future and are taking a look at the best movies coming to Netflix throughout March.


Back in the days of Zack Snyder's then-up-and-coming career, 300 was handed to him as his first graphic novel adaptation set up at Warner Bros. His second major motion picture, the Frank Miller comic was brought to full color life by Snyder, while introducing us to a lot of the tools and tropes the director would use over his entire career. Enjoy this one as a throwback to a simpler era of standalone comic films, with the shine on Zack Snyder's star still intact.


While both Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg are pretty big deals right now, Adventureland is a shared project of theirs that landed at a rather interesting time. It was the dawning of a new age of tentpoles and indies alike, with the MCU just revving up the year before and Miramax on the decline as an indie stalwart. Due to both of those factors, this one seemed to be pigeonholed and overlooked in its initial release. You wouldn't be blamed if you haven't discovered writer/director Greg Mattola's ode to summer jobs and the romance that sometimes blossoms from them, so now's your chance to correct that.

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