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If you're interested in the Oscars, or actresses, or Pedro Almodovar, or just movies in general, you're hopefully already reading The Film Experience, the blog that kills at Oscar predictions every February but also has year-round coverage from Nathaniel Rogers, a writer who loves movies more than just about anybody I know.

And as proof, Nathaniel-- who regularly obsesses over musicals and foreign-language films-- is also a gigantic Terminator fan. We saw the new movie together a few weeks ago, and had spent so much time talking about it in the meantime that we eventually decided to make it official and put it on video

The video podcast you see below is the first of what will hopefully be many, a series of conversations between two cinephiles who love what they see almost as much as they love complaining about it. In the video we start by pretending the third movie in the franchise doesn't exist, then ponder how boring John Connor is, figure out the current status of the battle between man and machines, and give McG props for making a movie that, despite its flaws, pretty much works.

SPOILERS INCLUDED, so listen to this after you've seen the movie! And please give us feedback-- this is the first in a series, and we'd love your input going forward. Thanks for watching!

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