The Mary Poppins Returns Trailer Goes And Flies A Kite

More than 50 years after its release, Mary Poppins remains a cherished classic of the Disney film library, and this Christmas, we'll finally reunite with the beloved, unconventional nanny on the big screen, only this time with Emily Blunt inhabiting the role once played by Julie Andrews. Over the last year, we've learned some of what Mary Poppins Returns has in store through reports and photos, but now we finally have our first trailer for the movie, and naturally, there's kite flying involved.

As far as teaser trailers go, this one for Mary Poppins Returns does its job quite nicely. Setting the scene in London, the same location where Mary Poppins took place, the preview follows a flying kite making its way across the neighborhood, calling back to one of the original movie's most memorable songs, "Let's Go Fly A Kite." Eventually catching the attention of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Jack (a streetlighter) and the young Banks children, they eventually get ahold of that kite, but it turns out that plaything was an omen for the return of Mary herself, who at the end shows off a nifty trick of keeping her reflection in place as she walks away. That woman is truly a wonder!

While Mary Poppins Returns isn't featuring the same main lineup of actors that its predecessor did (obviously), this first trailer suggests the new movie is working its hardest to recapture the same kind of magic that Mary Poppins was overflowing with back in the day. The next trailer will ideally include more plot details, but for now, anyone who's remotely familiar with Mary Poppins will at bare minimum find themselves intrigued by what the sequel has coming.

Set in the 1930s, Mary Poppins Returns will see Emily Blunt's version of the eponymous protagonist coming back to help Jane and Michael Banks, who are now adults, but dealing with new troubles. Michael in particular has suffered a personal loss, leaving it up to Mary, her bag of tricks and unique skills to help re-instill the Banks family rediscover the joy and optimism missing from their lives. Along with Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda, the cast includes Ben Whishaw as Michael, Emily Mortimer as Jane, Meryl Streep as Topsy Turvy-Poppins, Julie Walters as Ellen, Angela Lansbury as the Balloon Lady, Colin Firth as William Weatherall Wilkins, David Warner as Admiral Boom and Dick Van Dyke (who previously played Bert in Mary Poppins) as Mr. Dawes Jr.

Mary Poppins Returns opens in theaters on December 25. In the meantime, feel free to plan the rest of your trips to the movie theater this year by checking out our 2018 release schedule.

Adam Holmes
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