Another Robin Easter Egg From Batman V Superman Has Been Confirmed By Zack Snyder

Batman v superman bruce wayne training scene motorcycle

Almost two years after it initially hit theaters, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continues to reveal secrets to fans. The sophomore DCEU outing comes packed to the brim with Easter eggs, and it looks like director Zack Snyder has now confirmed that an old, rusted motorcycle seen in The Batcave during the training montage even belonged to the late Robin. In response to fans asking about the motorcycle online, Snyder wrote:

I like to think it was Robin's... Bruce can't get rid of it.

This idea certainly makes quite a bit of sense when we consider just how sentimental Bruce Wayne is in the DCEU. Not only does he still have a memorial for Robin set up in The Batcave (placed there after Harley Quinn and Joker killed him before the events of Suicide Squad), but Justice League also shows us that he keeps Joe Chill's pistol (the one that killed his parents) encased in glass. If Robin did ride a motorcycle during their partnership, then it would seem in-character for Bruce to keep it in the cave to collect dust.

Zack Snyder's explanation of this Easter egg from his Vero account also seems fairly logical when we look at Robin's MO in DC Comics. While Batman is mostly known for his use of the Batmobile as a method of transportation, Robin has frequently used a motorcycle throughout his publication history. After all, one of The Boy Wonder's important tactical advantages is his relatively light weight and agility, so a bike would seem like a potentially more fitting vehicle choice than a big car.

Robin Motorcycle

Of course, with Zack Snyder no longer working on DC films, we will have to wait and see if this explanation eventually becomes official canon that future filmmakers can expand upon with new projects. We know that Matt Reeves is currently working on The Batman, and The LEGO Batman Movie's Chris McKay is hard at work on a Nightwing film. Either of these projects could easily extend the Robin mythology, and an excellent place to start would be to focus on that badass bike.

With that Robin Easter egg now confirmed, it's only a matter of time before we learn more about Batman's relationship with the dead Boy Wonder. With that in mind, we will bring you more information related to Matt Reeves' upcoming Batman movie as it becomes available to us. As for this year, keep an eye on the seven seas when James Wan's Aquaman debuts in theaters later this year on December 21.

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